BY: Vincent Morris (otherwise known as Woody)

Some overrated stars disappear and you wonder why you where ever into them. Milli Vanilli, Tone Loc, Tom Green, and Vanilla Ice serve as examples of those. Other overrated stars should disappear but never do, such as Adam Sandler for example or Vin Diesel.

This top ten list is dedicated to people and things in entertainment that are grossly overrated and why. We should not only be celebrating them but never liking them in the first place.  This will not have impact on any of them but will serve as entertainment and water cooler talk.


1. FRIENDS – Sitcoms are a beautiful thing. All in the Family and Good Times showed a side of blue collar life seldom seen in the 70’s and the 80’s. The Cosby show did for black middle class life what George Lucas did for blockbuster franchises. In the 90’s Seinfeld showed a show could be both about nothing and everything at the same time.

Friends was a bunch of white people hanging out and getting into typical situations, having typical conversations, in typical apartments. That’s all it ever was and ever has been.

2. ADAM SANDLER – With the exception of a hack or two, every mainstream comedian is funnier than Adam Sandler. Adam Sandler only plays two roles: clueless schmuck heavy (Punch Drunk Love, Reign on Me) and  clueless schmuck light (Happy Gilmore, Big Daddy).

I’ve figured out his appeal and it’s that he’s the everyman. Not exceptionally smart or gifted but well known and liked. In other words everyone knows an Adam Sandler and we enjoy what we know.  Then again just because you know an Adam Sandler doesn’t mean he’s exceptional. Adam Sandler has talent, it’s just the amount is grossly overrated.

3. JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE – Don’t even act like he’s a gifted singer/songwriter or actor. Stevie Wonder is a gifted singer/songwriter. Rober Dinero is a gifted actor. Justin Timberlake is a suburban kid that got lucky. I admire his determination and drive but that’s all he is.

4. JESSICA ALBA – Name any movie you’ve ever seen her excel in? Think of any movie that any other actress of mediocare talent could have done just as well, if not better. Jessica Alba is determined, sexy and undeniably fine. Then again that’s all she is.

5. PENELOPE CRUZ/SALMA HAYEK – These are two versions of the same woman although the later is slightly better looking. The accents get in the way every damn time and you know it. I admit there is a certain oddball appeal to their speech, but it still gets in the way. This, in the end, is why their cast in anything they ever do.

6. PAM ANDERSON – All her opportunity came from naked photos and sex on camera. If you take away the acting she’s your standard porn star. Yes I said standard porn star. Watch any porn with a blond girl and apologize to me later.

7. THE OLSEN TWINS – Can they really act? Can they really sing? Can they hold a decent conversation? Can they do any damn thing? I’ll give them credit for being brilliant, young business women……..or is it their handlers?

8. OPRAH – Oprah is a talented business woman, talk show host and actress. With that being said Oprah is not the second coming of Christ, the way she is often treated to be by housewives around America. For that she is overrated.

9. DR. PHIL – Dr. Phil is a chubby, bald headed, white man with a deep southern accent who often talks down to people and thinks he knows everything. Dr. Phil is the redneck of daytime.

10. TOM CRUISE – Tom Cruise has never been more than  mediocare in anything you’ve seen him in. You may have seen a director that elivated his performance. You may have seen special effects make him look larger than life or actors enhance his role but in the end he was average.

He has drive and determination. He even has a good work ethic, but much like Justin Timberlake he got lucky. In fact he is Justin Timberlake fifteen years before Justin Timberlake.

What do Denzel Washington, Al Pacino, Robert Dinero, Morgan Freeman, Samuel L. Jackson, Kevin Spacey and Paul Giamatti have in common. They are all lower paid, superior actors to Tom Cruise.

You can either agree or disagree with what I’ve said. I’ll be back next week with something that either entertains you or blows your mind. That much is guaranteed.

This is not real writing. This is just me babbling on about things that happen in a random, unedited way. Be on the look out for my novel Christ 2.0, about a man who is believed to be the second coming of Christ that leads the people astray. That is coming in December. You want real writing? That’s real writing.

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